SS Orungal

20 November 1940: SS Orungal wrecked off Barwon Heads

[Cover image by the late Allan Green Victoria Australia] It’s often forgotten how close World War II came to Victoria. Before the northern part of Australia was attacked by the Japanese and their submarines stalked the east coast, a German raider was busy trying to cut supplies to Europe by laying mines blocking major shipping…

Popes Eye

Searching for the shipwreck Winchester

While Port Phillip Bay may not be the largest bay in the world, when looking for an old wooden wreck that sank because it was on fire, the bay may as well be as large as the ocean. But sometimes the search can be just as fun as the actual discovery. Yesterday I helped look…

City of Launceston wreck : Mick Whitmore

The wreck of City of Launceston is turning 150!

[Cover image by Mick Whitmore] How do you celebrate the anniversary of one of Victoria’s most significant shipwrecks? The City of Launceston was magnificent in its hey day … and it’s still magnificent despite the fact it’s spent almost 150 years resting at the bottom of Port Phillip. These days, the Spirit of Tasmania carries…

Elmgrove planking five mile beach

9 September 1876: Elmgrove wrecked at Five Mile Beach

Five mile beach, a beautiful – usually deserted – stretch of sand on the eastern side of Wilsons Promontory, is close to the southern most point of mainland Australia. On a clear, blue day you could be forgiven for thinking that this stretch of coast is benign; a place idyllically suited for picnics and whale…

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The ocean hides so many stories. Maritime archaeologists and divers are some of the few who get to witness our heritage and tell the tales. Here’s a collection of maritime archaeology (and shipwreck) stories from the vault.

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Despite this blog’s name, there are plenty of other fish in the sea! So you’ll find a lot about sharks here but also any number of other stuff that gets around in the natural world.

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Let’s face it travel is why we work isn’t it? Except for the lucky few who manage to do it for a living. Looking for ideas of places to visit or things to do kind of related to the ocean, then check out the travel section.

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